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Fractional CMO Starter Pack

This package is FOR you if:

  • After several years as an owner, you KNOW you need and deserve expert support for the essential business tasks you enjoy the LEAST. 

  • You’ve (mostly) dialed in your website so it looks sleek and professional, it functions well and serves as your business “hub.”   

  • You’re clear that your marketing is just not cutting it–and YOU don’t have the time, knowledge, or bandwidth to do it yourself, nor do you want to.

  • Investments into your business growth and sustainability THRILL you–when you make the right ones.

  • It would be the most sublime RELIEF to have an expert crafting your client attractions strategy and message–from your brand values to your soulmate clients to the words, imagees and offers that pull them into the tranformations you offer with joy and ease.  (So that you can finally enjoy the time, financial freedom, and heart-centered work you launched the business for from the jump.

Here’s what you get in this 360-degree done-for-you package:

  • 8 targeted, strategic emails per month (2 per week)

  • Audience Deep Dive (So that you know without hesitation who you’re talking to in your marketing—the clients that make your soul sing with pleasure and joy because they’re so into your transformational services they keep coming back and recommend you to all their contacts.)

  • Lead magnet creation or refresh (so that you keep building your email list and getting new people in front of your life-changing offers.)

  • 3-page website overhaul (your Home Page, About Page, and Services Page)

  • 45-minute monthly strategy session 

    • to dial in up to two events, specials, initiatives, or changes you need to promote, to land on unifying themes and client pain points, and to nail down the publishing schedule that works best to your ROI advantage.

  • Publishing to your email platform AND two social media channels, so that you gain the most visibility possible.

  • Analytics including:

    • open rate,and 

    • click rate for each piece we write for you,so that we can measure each campaign’s success and exactly when, how, and where to pivot your strategy in real time for more visibility, engagement, and enrollments.

  • Voxer messaging during business hours, M-W and F 9am-3pm CST.

  • A convenient content tracker so that you can see transparently how your results roll in, plus adding tone or theme notes so that we always speak clearly with YOUR brand voice to your Soulmate Clients and Dreamboat Customers.

Investment: $9700 PIF with a six-month agreement, OR 6 monthly payments of 1700.00

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