What you need, when you need it, for as long as you want.

Single Campaign or Website Audit and Rewrite

You'll Walk Away With:

  • Confidence in precisely WHO you're attracting---the soul-mate students who will see the best transformations from your services--so they keep coming back and shout your praises to everyone they know.

  • A dialed-in intro-offer or single-campaign nurturing email sequence you can set and forget that converts more lookers to buyers in your studio.

  • Having a solid brand and "about" message on your website, so you can have a compass from which to make every other business decision in front of you--including all your future marketing and content.

  • The reality of space and time in your schedule, so YOU can focus on teaching, innovating, or resting and relationships.

​What We'll Do For You:

  1. Dial in the most magnetic intro or seasonal offer for your studio based on the deep needs, challenges, or pain-points of your soul-mate students and clients. You can use this offer over and over again in your organic and paid marketing.

  2. Write  or update your simple and on-point "I help statement" for your website or landing page, create superior "funnel" copy for your landing page, and create a 4-piece nurturing email sequence to sell your intro or seasonal offer with ease, confidence, and tangible results (i.e. more $$$.)


Done for You Content Strategy & Copywrighting

You'll feel: 

  • Inspired each month we meet with greater clarity on WHAT you're doing and WHO you're doing it for. (Spoiler alert, sometimes that's your students, but more often it's YOU--and that's what makes your business thrive.)

  • De-stressed and fully resourced, because the marketing task is OFF your plate and you trust us to use your voice with care and accuracy.

  • Abundant because of increased sales, visibility, new-student traffic, and client retention.

  • Organized and structured---no more flailing around wondering what to promote next or how to do it.

  • Delighted by the many "surprises" consistent and on-point messaging brings you---your people will THANK you for your regular emails and social posts and the encouraging, inspiring value they provide.

Here's what's included:

  • A comprehensive audience deep dive so that we can dial in who you're MOST excited to serve.

  • 8 written and edited post drafts each month.

  • Formatting and publishing to 3 channels (usually FB, IG, and email or blog.)

  • A 45-minute monthly content strategy meeting where you'll fill us in on your latest offers, specials, and priorities so that we know precisely what to say to your audience and where to send them to purchase.

  • Unlimited Voxer, email, or text check-ins so that if you need to pivot your strategy we can respond in real time