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Effortless Email
Marketing Start-Up:
Creating Your Lead Magnet

This package is FOR you if:

  • You’ve just begun your Small Business Ownership journey and need help launching on the right foot—knowing that down the road you’ll likely need more support.

  • You understand the value of consistent marketing and growing and nurturing your audience, AND you have way too much on your plate to do it well—or it’s just NOT your zone of genius, and you know your business won’t grow without it.

  • You’re less than 5 years into your business ownership adventure, and now you have a clearer idea of who can most benefit from what you offer, but you’re unsure of how to get them in the door.

  • The investment is JUST RIGHT for where you are in your journey—and it gives you practice in supporting yourself as an owner at every stage of growth. Because you know you can’t “do it all” by yourself and expect to scale or sustain your income and fulfillment.

Here’s what you get in this essential foundation to successful email marketing:

  • Audience Deep Dive (to dial in who your absolute SoulMate Client is, and how to speak to them with emotion, authenticity, and compelling calls to action.)

  • Lead Magnet Creation or Refresh (such as a valuable and relevant PDF for online biz owners or a compelling get-on-our-list offer for brick-and-mortars.)

  • Two-page Website overhaul (Home Page and Services page)

  • 5-email automated nurturing sequence to encourage your new listees to enroll in your front-door offers and fall in LOVE with your services. (So that you can keep magnetizing revenue automatically.)

Investment: $2222 PIF, or 2 montly payments of $1222.00

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