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The 6-month Marketing Solution for Boutique Fitness and Movement Studio Owners Who Want to Serve The

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Service Description

In a heavily-saturated online space and an "attention" economy, words have NEVER been more important for your brand. A "general" email vs. a finely-tuned campaign dialed into your ideal dream-boat client could mean the difference between 20K in revenue and zero. (Like my client Elizabeth discovered when I wrote her an 8-part holiday campaign--and she brilliantly repurposed the exact same content the next year with a few tweaks and made an additional $15K.) Use this package to create and direct your messaging ANYWHERE you need it to go EVERY MONTH: We will customize your package to your needs, including: --email marketing --social media --website messaging + landing/sales pages --blogs --retreat sales pages and email campaigns (so that you SELL OUT your dates and create a stable and thrilling additional revenue stream) --keynote speaker applications and scripts PLUS --Audience Deep Dive (so you're CLEAR about who your brand is FOR and who it's NOT for) --Monthly Strategy (In 60 minutes, we'll plan out your entire month of campaigns, content, and communication, so that you can "set it and forget it.") --Unlimited check-ins (so that when you need to pivot fast, we can respond and implement in real time.) --Publishing to your email, website, and social platforms as directed. --Analytics including: open and click rates for all email campaigns (so we can see and adjust your messaging, offers, or other variables in real time for maximal visibility, engagement, and sales conversion.) This package is FOR you if: --You're a multi-6 or 7-figure boutique movement/fitness studio owner. --you love serving your people and transforming lives the MOST. To do what you love, you need TIME to do it. Your business thrives because of YOUR touch with your clients. You need the "machine" of your business to run effortlessly, so YOU can do the fun stuff that your people will PAY the big bucks for. --Investments into your business growth and sustainability THRILL you–when you make the right ones. --It would be the most sublime RELIEF to have an expert crafting your message–taking your ramblings and making them make sense to the people who most NEED you, so that you can work your magic while the customers find you effortlessly and you enjoy more time to serve them and financial freedom! --Investment: $1600 (One month) $1450/mo. (6-month agreement.)

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