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Comprehensive Branding-Website Refresh

Let's refresh or create your crucial studio branding, so your site does its *real* marketing job.

  • 1 hour
  • 997 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Whether you've just opened or have been around for years, your messaging and values matter when your ideal students and clients search their many movement, healing, or wellness options. Your website is the foundation for ALL your messaging on every channel. If your site is "off" in this way (or even just old and outdated to how your business has evolved over the years), it'll send ripples through every marketing channel. (and not the good kind.) And there's a great chance you already know this. And you've put off the update, because you already have 70-leven things to do before breakfast. If someone could just...handle this project for you, it would feel like such a relief! You know what you want, but can't quite get there on your own. Let's get your values, mission, and messaging dialed in on your home page, your about page, and one of your offering landing pages with this one-time, project-based offer. You'll walk away with: --an audience deep dive (so we know precisely WHO you're talking to) ---3 webpages worth of freshly minted copy that integrates everything important to you about your services, your team, and your niche (so that your people can search for you, find you, and PAY you.) --Months of inspiration for your socials and email marketing--so that marketing is a no-brainer---quick, efficient, and enjoyable. --A website that *finally* does what it's supposed to: target your ideal clients, provide the solutions they seek, and turn them from leads to customers! BONUS: If you convert to our DFY content package, you can apply the cost of this appointment to your first month of DFY fees!