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Launch/ReBrand Messaging Makeover

This plan is PERFECT for you if:


  • You are different this year and so is your business. 

  • You don’t quite know WHO your new audience is (even if there is a little crossover from your “old” customers who bought last year’s offers.)

  • You’re launching your services for the first time and don’t want to waste time—you need customers TODAY–you’re ready to do what you love AND have the cash flow to make it sustainable.

For first-time service launches OR when you've revisioned your services, but your messaging hasn't caught up. Grab the confidence, focus, and WORDS you need to talk about your business the way you *really* want to. 

You're SO excited about your new direction, but there are only a few people in your existing audience who want to evolve with you---the rest were just fine continuing to purchase and enjoy your "old" stuff, even though there's NO fire in you to keep putting out the same products and packages.


Get yourself, your *NEW* services, and your *NEW* audience on the same page with clear, focused, purposeful, and expertly crafted messaging that converts.


Here's what's included:

  • 2 60-minute strategy sessions for your:

    • Audience Deep Dive (so that your dreamy soul mate clients are crystal clear in your mind and heart—no more taking on just “anyone,” you get to CHOOSE.) 

    • Website Headline and “I help” statement (which dial your site visitors in like a laser to what you do and WHO you serve, helping them know, like and trust you quickly.)

    • Session recordings and extensive copywriting notes in real time so that you can write deeper website content + receive massive inspo for your social media and email marketing posts. (You’ll know what to write for MONTHS in your emails and on your social feeds.)

    • “About” page content inspo, so you’ll always remember your rebranded “Why…” the reason you do what you do with joy and excitement—and so will your audience. (Because your “about” page is where your deep, heartfelt service story lives and breathes—the one that magnetizes those souls who can profoundly transform their lives with the help of YOUR unique genius.)

    • *When your words magnetize your people, they stay on your site and your feed longer, which elevates your SEO and makes you even MORE searchable and findable by the right folks.

Messaging matters. Do it right with EE Content on your side. (Investment $999)

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