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 Soul-aligned website, social media, and email marketing for Service Business Owners


Helping Owners discover and tell the truth about their business so they have the time and financial freedom they need to heal the world.

Meet Our Team

Leah Murtagh

Jen Schwartz

Owner, Copy Chief,

Education Director

Copywriter, Publishing

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What Business Owners are Saying...



What you need, when you need it, for as long as you like

Single Campaign or Website Audit and Rewrite

This power-packed one-time service is for you if:

  • You're about to launch your studio or brand new online offer, and you NEED people in the door yesterday to feel financially calm and remain excited and inspired to serve your clients.

  • You know automation will make your life a whole lot easier, but you can't even find the time to sit down for 5 minutes, let alone write powerful copy that will reach the people you yearn to teach every week.

  • There's SO much on your plate that you're letting tasks fall through the cracks, and worse, you're burning out and losing site of your "why" for launching the studio in the first place!

Done for You Content Strategy & Copywrighting

You'll adore this service if:

  • You've got an email list of at least 50, but you're not nurturing them because you just. don't. have. time. (And you KNOW you'll lose them if you're not talking to them.)

  • You have SO many new class, workshop, or teacher training ideas you want to run, but they feel so overwhelming you don't know where to begin or where to focus first.

  • You're DONE doing everything yourself-.

  • You've done the inner work required to receive more clients---you have the structures, systems, and staff support in place to grow, grow, grow--without adding more work or stress to your week.

Free Business Inspo Check -up

So that you remember WHY you're a studio owner and what to do next.

Thanks for submitting!

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